Sand is still everywhere but I’m far away

11 December 2006

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one more night

Adri’s last question: Two more scenes to go ….

3 December 2006

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Make belief

Adri’s thirty-fifth question: The roll of the puppeteer ….

2 December 2006

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Anything is possible…

Adri’s thirty-fourth question: From an actors’ point of view….

30 November 2006

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Adri’s thirty-third question: What does Spud (animal trainer) have to say….

29 November 2006

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Adri’s thirty-second question: Rachel Young (the line producer): ‘The Bird’ is your first feature film, you must be proud?

28 November 2006

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back to reality

Adri’s thirtieth question: How does it feel to be back in the city after so long?

26 November 2006

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Adri’s twenty-ninth question: Mickie tells us about the casting for this film…

25 November 2006

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in the eyes of the beholder

Adri’s twenty-eighth question: Do you see filmmaking in a different light now?

23 November 2006

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tea time

Adri’s twenty seventh question: How is the Craft Team coping? Jane tells…

22 November 2006

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