in the eyes of the beholder

Adri’s twenty-eighth question: Do you see filmmaking in a different light now?

“I perceive filmmaking more and more to be like dancing. We have a moment between ‘action’ and ‘cut’, which is sometimes 2 seconds, sometimes 30 or sometimes a bit longer, but in that moment, or even just before the entire crew moves in and out of set, around me and all over the place, preparing for the next ‘take’. It is so amazing to see them move so quickly and efficiently. The camera team cleans lenses, assistants run, wardrobe is busy with costumes, props department put things in the right place, make-up girls do touch-ups, continuity filling in reports, the cast warm up, the electrics crew straighten the cables, the grips set up and tie loose ends… Then a moment of silence, the cast take their places, the A.D announces that we’re rolling sound…and ACTION! I absolutely love it. I love it more and more each day.” (The fact that she had goose flesh on a 27 degree day showed that she spoke from the heart.)

(Picture: Threes & Lynton Richards, PUPPETEER)