(only in English)

A huge pit is surrounded by the sea. A few workers and a couple live at the bottom of this pit. The man and the woman are working for a fat master who lives in a house at the edge of the pit. He controls the situation and can oversee the whole area and the sea around.

The pit is old and water leaks in. The fat master checks the pumps and realises things aren’t looking too good. Down in the pit the couple is kindling small ovens. The fat master is tyrannising them and shouts at them to work harder.

A small boat with a postman passes by to deliver a package. The postman can’t see very well and crashes with his boat into the deep pit. He loses his glasses and gets lost in the machinery down at the bottom of the pit. The fat master gets angry and tries to chase him away by throwing bombs. The explosions cause the collapse of a big tower above the pump system.

The fat man gets extremely upset and this causes severe stomach cramps. For the first time, the couple can escape the constant control of the master and make love while the master screams of pain. At the same time the walls of the pit start to tremble and one of the valves of the pump leaks even more.

The fat master gives birth to a girl. At the same moment the pump breaks open and water burst inside and flood the pit. The master is horrified and in disbelief and immediately tries to drown the little girl. But the girl is like a dolphin and swims away in the now flooded pit.

The couple tries to stop the water with sand bags but the water is too powerful. They manage to survive on some of their floating possessions.

Suddenly a goddess appears. And in her wrath she ties to destroy the master with balls of fire. He fights back, but gods are stronger than man. The house with the master inside tumbles down into the pit.

While he tries to save his belongings his little dolphin girl appears out of the water. The desperate master tries to kill her but she lures him towards the goddess. Now he is the goddess’ servant and she takes him away into hell.

The pit is full of water. The little girl rebuilds the house. The couple is drying their clothes. A new day is dawning.