cast and crew

Barbara Hershey, lead (Melody) (click here for entire cast)

And INTERVIEWS with crew and cast.

Yusuf Davids, (River)

Tony Kgoroge (Scoop)

Threes Anna and her TEAM.


Joel Phiri

Anton Scholten

Tom Maguire

Threes Anna


Rachel Young the line producer and her TEAM

Guido van Gennep D.O.P. and his camera team.

Wouter Jansen editor en z’n assistant.

Wart Wamsteker en Peter Flamman sound designers and the sound team.

Birrie le Roux the Production Designer and her WHOLE TEAM.

Diana Cilliers costume design and her WHOLE TEAM.

Paul Hepker and Mark Kilian the composers

The TEAM of special-effect people and animal trainers.

Mickie Birkett Casting director and her team.

Nicolette van Wijk make-up artist and her team.

Stefan Rademakers visual effects supervisor and his team