the final mix

My new film, The TRAP portrait of time, is in its final phase.

27 November 2023

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Over the past few months, editor Elmer Leupen and I have been working hard on THE TRAP.

25 September 2023

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on the threshold

Working on a new podcast about the bird flu, the avian influenza.

22 May 2023

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While winter embraces us.

9 February 2023

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podcast & film project

Actually, a kind of double premiere is coming up for me.

21 December 2022

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6 weeks on Foula

Foula; Britain`s most remote inhabitant island. They had told me this island was aging and on the edge of dying out.

5 September 2022

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I’m very proud that my 3-minute podcast has been shortlisted for the short golf competition

3 May 2022

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het Donder Dag huis

Mini podcast about a very normal street.

30 April 2022

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Whales and other stories

I haven’t flown in years but for work I had to go

1 April 2022

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4 stories in the making

How does it feel to be a dairy cow? And why shouldn’t a cow wear a bra?

15 January 2022

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