I’m very proud that my 3-minute podcast has been shortlisted for the short golf competition (in Dutch). Listen to: Het Donder Dag huis. And if you like vote before May 12!

It took a while but my podcast Buren (Neighbors) is online in the podcast ‘de verhalen’ van de VPRO (also in Dutch). You can also find it in the usual podcast platforms.

You can also still see my feature film ‘The Warden’ (the Bird Watcher) online (at Pathé and NPO-plus).

Soon I will leave for an island, a special island, called Foula. It is tiny and very remote. People have been coming here for 5000 years. The last 400 years it has been continuously inhabited by an average of 150 people but currently only 31 islanders are still living there. The weather is one of the main components that determines their live. What is happening here at a time when our climate is changing rapidly and irreversibly.