Whales and other stories

I haven’t flown in years but for work I had to go

1 April 2022

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4 stories in the making

How does it feel to be a dairy cow? And why shouldn’t a cow wear a bra?

15 January 2022

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the Pijp

A new a new long-term project about

20 December 2021

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Telling stories in a new medium is always an adventure

23 August 2021

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dvd + on demand

After this disastrous year for cinemas and film festivals worldwide, my film

20 June 2021

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residual product

I live in a country where art & culture have been relegated into a residual product of civilization

31 May 2021

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learning and begging

The lockdown takes much longer than we could have ever foreseen.

10 April 2021

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again lock-down

In the middle of the second lock-down

18 January 2021

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release at last

Finally, my film de Vogelwachter (the Warden) gets its release.

19 November 2020

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again corona cancel

Imagine you are in labor. But time and time again, your baby is pushed back into the womb.

5 November 2020

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