Whales and other stories

I haven’t flown in years but for work I had to go to the Canaries – that was not a punishment. Here I boarded a ship. But before I saw some new chairs for my collection the ugliest chair on earth.

I’ve been on the ocean for weeks. I was part of a longtime ecological research. We sailed in a little boat in front of the African coast. We were very lucky to discover a serious number of blue whales, the biggest animal ever lived on earth. An animal that almost had been eradicated but seems coming back. My experiences I’m writing down right now, soon to be published.

It was a long time since I made something extremely personal, but I just finished a 3-minute podcast for the Oorzaken Korte Golf contest. Usually, the harsh reality or a fictional derivative thereof has the overtone in my work. But this little story had to be made. It takes place in the Pijp. The same neighborhood about which I’m also making an audio walk.