Holland is a very flat country. (flat[`flat] smooth; level; without interest; (in music) below the true note […]) and we have a filmfund (fund [`fnd] amount of money set apart for some special purpose; supply of; He has a fund of humour = has many amusing ideas)

10 February 2003

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bollywood nameeta210


Back in the world of my dreams, called Bombay.

25 November 1999

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research south africa

Report of the research trip and the interviews I did

1 January 1999

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no more fear

Last day in the dangerous city. I am at the airport. On my way to Holland.

17 August 1998

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cast and crew

CAST: Wieger Woudsma, Hannah Fox, Andrea Violato, Septimia Kuhlmann, Jos Zandvliet, Tinus Werkman, Ab Kouwenhoven, Dorus Maaks, Alberto Armato, Ton Spoor, Bart de Willigen.

21 July 1995

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