in this time

While on 30 September in 101 Dutch cinema’s my new film the Vogelwachter was screened

5 October 2020

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premiere in 100 cinemas

On September 30, the Warden (de Vogelwachter) will premiere at the Dutch Film Festival.

25 September 2020

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Here the preview of my movie ‘the Warden’ (de Vogelwachter); the official trailer.

28 August 2020

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My new film ‘de Vogelwachter’ (the Warden) will have his Dutch premiere on the

3 August 2020

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DONE!!!! My new feature film THE WARDEN (de Vogelwachter) is ready.

15 March 2020

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Film is locked!

It was an exciting and sometimes difficult puzzle. The film editing of my feature De Vogelwachter (the Warden) is done.

25 November 2019

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the sound & music

After three months working with Wouter Jansen on the editing of ‘de Vogelwachter’, the focus moved towards the sounds.

28 October 2019

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In the editing

We are in the midst of telling ‘De Vogelwachter’ for the 3th time. I love this period in which everything is possible again.

27 August 2019

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It’s a wrap!

De Vogelwachter (The Warden) is shot. After 23 shooting days

15 June 2019

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Halfway shooting

For two weeks we filmed on Texel

26 May 2019

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