in this time

While on 30 September in 101 Dutch cinema’s my new film the Vogelwachter was screened for the first time. The real premiere of the film was cancelled due to the new regulations cause of the second corona outbreak. It was sad not to have that ritual with cast, crew, officials and loved ones.

The next day we heard we were nominated for 3 prices. Golden Calf (= the dutch oscar) for the best Production Design (Vincent de Pater), the best sound design (Herman Pieëte) and I for the Prize of Dutch Film Criticism. Under extreme conditions all the nominees went to the award ceremony of the Dutch Film Festival. I felt I was part of a SF movie. Making contact with my colleagues was impossible. Proud on our 3 nominations but without an award we went home again.

Back in the isolation on my studio where I go on with my new podcast. Soon more about that!