the sound & music

After three months working with Wouter Jansen on the editing of ‘de Vogelwachter’, the focus moved towards the sounds.

With my car full of the props I drove to Herman Pieëte, the sound designer on my new feature. This week he works with Bianca on the foley (the reproduction of the sounds). Every footstep will be taken again. Also every movement or touch. This all to enhance the audio quality.

Next week, we do the ADR (automated dialogue replacement). All dialogue or monologue that were not 100% okay on the set, will be played again. But we will do more. With the ADR and the foley we can change, manipulate or steer the content of each scene. As you know, sound is a very powerful tool in filmmaking.

In his own studio Reyer Zwart is composing the music. Another way to enhance the atmosphere and the emotions. Slowly, step by step we are coming closer to the finished film. (photo Wouter, Reyer & Herman)