The Cairo International Women’s Film Festival Egypte. Threes Anna won the only price on the festival: the Audience Award

Film Festival Flix. ‘Silent City’ was the September film and toured the USA. The American distributor submitting ‘Silent City’ for an Independent Spirit Award nomination (the Oscars for the independent movies).

Uçan Süpürge Film Festival in Ankara Turkey

Rome Independant Film Festival Italia

Prague International Film Festival Czechoslovakia

Pantalla Pinamar 2013 Argentina

Luxembourg City Film Festival Luxembourg

Göteborg International Film Festival Sweden

International Film Festival Mannheim Heidelberg in competition, got the Cinema Owners’ Recommendation.

International Women’s film festival Israel competition and in the jury of the national competition

CANBERRA international film festival in competition

Lens Politica in Helsinki Finland

Openings film on the Camera Japan Featival 2012 in Rotterdam.

Dutch premiere and in competition on the Dutch FF. Nominations for best production design and press price.

World premiere and in competition on the San Sebastian IFF