tea time

Adri’s twenty seventh question: How is the Craft Team coping? Jane tells…

“Well, we’ve lost about 12 cups to the dunes thus far. I think the wind buries them in the sand. (She laughs.) I’ve worked in the dunes before, but not for such an extended period of time. Dealing with 3 days of weather and sand is still ok, but for this long… It is difficult to keep the cups and crockery clean, we manage, but it’s not easy. Some crew also like their refreshments made in specific ways so we must make sure everything is always in perfect order, and good service is important. Leigh for instance, prefers me, Jane, to make his coffee. Others, like Simon Rice (Sound mixer) who drinks tea with milk, no sugar, wants his cup as full as possible, because he says, “I pay VAT”. Marc (Animal Trainer)likes a certain coffee, 2 spoons, black, and then of course Threes brings her own special blend of herbal tea. My team and I are very well organized, we know what we need a day in advance, and always make sure we have enough. Because I’m the driver, I get up 2 hours earlier in the morning to collect the rest of my team, go to the office, and be on set 1 hour before the crew arrives. I’m familiar with some of the crew on this film, so we get treated very nicely. There have been times when we were talked to a bit unkindly because we unknowingly walked onto set while they were recording, but nothing serious. Generally the crew is very nice.”

(Picture: Jane, Staff member of Audrey’s Craft Service)