back to reality

Adri’s thirtieth question: How does it feel to be back in the city after so long?

“I haven’t seen civilization for such a long time and now, suddenly finding myself between the sky scrapers in Cape Town feels very strange. I think I’m the only one who misses dunes, because everyone else I spoke to today said they are relieved to be back in the city again. They’ve had enough wind, sand and sun to last them a life time. I liked being surrounded by the dunes and the loneliness and emptiness that comes with it. The City surrounds us with hooting cars and rushing people, out there we’re surrounded by pure beauty and the energy of nature. What I loved most about shooting out there was the feeling that we were in our own little world. We spent most of our waking hours there for the last month, and it almost seemed as though Cape Town was a figment of our imaginations instead of the place we created in the dunes. Being back in the normal world now almost feels surreal.”