Short stories

anna 1klein.jpg ANNA IN DE ANDES Anna in de Andes is a series of columns of a long journey in South America. From October 2015 till Februari 2016.

54 WRITTEN PORTRAITS of the members of the artists association ZOUT Tex.

I did an art project in a little town in The Netherlands ‘OLDENZAAL’, which lead up to 25 columns for the local paper (only in Dutch – first one is last in the row. Start in the back when you read). Two years later I came back on request to give a lecture in the library.

o mijn god 15 short stories about monotheism. 15 literary authors, Jewish, Christian or Islamitic. 3 ‘holy’ books. 1 compilation about monotheism that shows a scale of emotions: from extreme hilarity till deep poignancy.

(Only in Dutch) Alice in Waddenland is an article about a trip to Barr-Al-Hikman, a pristine wetland in Oman for the nature magazine Roots . Link

(only in Dutch) In een roestbak de oceaan over, article Volkskrant Magazine . A travel story about my trip from Montevideo to Europe on a cargo ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4 and page 5. Or as a doc.