wachten op de moesson

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Nominated for the Dublin Literary Award 2014.

Before publishing sold to Mondadori in Italia, Anansi in Canada, Suhrkamp/Insel in Germany and Maeva in Spain. Also sold to Pax Forlag in Norway.

– “Anna convincingly describes the unexpectedly flaming up love between an English lady and a much younger Indian illiterate”
– “Threes Anna interweaves with masterly skill the lives and characters of two people up to a beautiful and sad love story”

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published by Signatuur.
ISBN: 978 90 5672 356 9

India, 1995. Charlotte Bridgwater lives with her father and just one loyal servant in an old, dilapidated villa in the little town Rampur.
Madan – who can’t talk – grew up from a vagrant child into a very talented tailor who makes beautiful garments. He rents a room in the house of Charlotte to sew dresses for the local ladies while the town is almost paralyzed in an extreme heat because of the holding off monsoon.
Charlotte and Madan feel attracted to each other and find out they can communicate without using words. This comforts but is also very frightening, since cultural and class differences can’t be denied.
In chapters that alternate from present to past, we learn about both their backgrounds: the frigid youth of Charlotte, the early death of her husband, the hard life on the streets of Madan, the discovery of his talent, and how their paths crossed before…

The report of my research trip to India, which I did in March and April 2008 was the base of the story, the report is only in Dutch.

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‘Esperando el monzón’ ISBN 978-84-15120-39-1
‘Warten auf den Monsun’ ISBN 978-3-458-17493-6
‘Warten auf den Monsun’ paperback ISBN 978-3-458-35847-3
‘Waiting for the Monsoon’ ISBN 978-0-88784-257-3
‘For monsunen’ ISNB 978-82-530-3583-3

Norwegian cover