I was quietly working, preparing a new project and checking the grading of the film when

2 May 2007

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cape town

Not very often I have the opportunity to make a double photo.

10 April 2007

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I had a remarkable experience

4 April 2007

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lock & fly

We locked the film. This means that we are ready with the editing of the actual film. But there is still a lot to do – the sound, the music, the visual effects, etc. etc. – before this bird can fly.

18 March 2007

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After several test viewings we are reaching the final cut

13 March 2007

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We’ve had the first test-viewing for professionals.

26 February 2007

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The beginning

The re-shoot in South Africa (photo) of scene 30 went perfect

12 February 2007

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virtual reality

While the first rough cut is nearly ready the boys of the post production are starting their job.

28 January 2007

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Time flies

I wish you all a

30 December 2006

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After seven months of living out of my suitcase

17 December 2006

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