virtual reality

While the first rough cut is nearly ready the boys of the post production are starting their job. With computers they are creating things that were too expensive, too complicated or just impossible to shoot. For example the half destroyed town that we built needs much more houses to become a real town. Now they just create ruins and desolated houses and place them in the sand dunes (see photo).

Tomorrow Jean-Marc Rolando (our focus puller) with Razor Sharp (our line producer) are in South Africa going to reshoot scene number 30, which exists out of one shot in the dunes.
It is very strange not to be present when they shoot this but with all the modern means of communication and the virtual world we have access to, we are as well prepared as possible.

MELODY, beads of sweat drenching her face, ploughs deep footprints into the soft sand as she trudges up the side of a sand-dune.
Pulling her suitcase behind her, MELODY disappears over the dune.
Stretched out for miles, an exactly straight track from the suitcase wheels runs up and down over the smooth, sand-dunes, disappearing over the horizon.