Back in London

For a casting session I have no idea how many cups of English tea I drank these last days because I was concentrating too much on finding the perfect Scoop, a character in the Melody / The Bird Can’t Fly film.

15 February 2003

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The budget is fixed!

The real job can start now. There are moments we all need to come together and this is one of those, immediately after the Rotterdam Filmfestival. It’s time to check all appointments, promises, agreements and deals.

1 February 2003

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After a storm comes a calm

Senter, the organisation that grants permission to start a CV, said

28 January 2003

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It’s raining in me.

…where are the real men!!! On every application I made the filmfund initially said ‘no’.

22 January 2003

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Guts? And the lack of it.

As easy as it seems to be to get a book published, as hard it is to make

21 January 2003

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A long night in the rain

It’s 2003. This is gonna be the year in which we will shoot my film. On my way back home, after

2 January 2003

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Begging in Holland. Or work!

Back in Holland, where the run for money immediately started again. My producers are trying to get

23 December 2002

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Searching Scoop

I’m in London and fumble through hundreds and hundreds of

7 November 2002

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Mediterranean island

Writing is a lonely job. So what do you as a writer, you try not to be too lonely. Therefor

4 November 2002

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Another draft!

25 September 2002

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