Begging in Holland. Or work!

Back in Holland, where the run for money immediately started again. My producers are trying to get all the papers in order to be allowed to join the rat race. I call it a rat race because the Dutch authorities concerning tax affairs decided that it is a good plan if everybody who wants to apply for a ‘film-CV’, a profitable and potential way to finance a film, has only one day to hand in the application. On the second day of the new year, when everybody is just waking up from a month full of parties! First come, first served! You will understand the mess it will be the day and the night before.

Translation: ‘Only one day applications CV’
And for the rest… the usual refusal of the filmfund for money… an enthusiastic editor about my book…and during a few days I will direct a fantastic group of Agentinian tango dancers.

Dancers during the rehearsals