Searching Scoop

I’m in London and fumble through hundreds and hundreds of portraits of actors. I’m searching for the perfect Scoop.
Scoop is sweet and evil. Scoop is very male. Scoop is in his thirties. Scoop is black. Scoop is a musician. Scoop is beautiful. Scoop is unpredictable.

The next day, I’m meeting a lot of possible Scoops in a small private club in Nothing Hill. I ask them all to sing for me. They aren’t prepared for that and for some it’s a bit of a shock, but they all manage quite well.
At the end Leila, the casting director, and I share the same actor as a favourite. When he began to sing he hit us fully in the heart. Suddenly I see what Scoop can be. I see that this actor can add something unexpected to the role. The good thing of meeting these actors is that the Scoop’s character starts to develop more and more in my head. He begins to step from the paper into the film reality.