Mediterranean island

Writing is a lonely job. So what do you as a writer, you try not to be too lonely. Therefor a writer-friend and me rent a house in Italy were it’s still warm. For ten days we closed ourselves off from the world.
Ten days only my, laptop, good wine + food and a talk if I wanted to. No phones, e-mails, accounts or other disturbances. Just all the time of the world for the first rewrite of my book, Kiss of a widow. I had very good feedback from the chief editor and some dear friends. And I was dying to start rewriting.
But also I had to another rewrite of my Melody script. Yesterday Dictynna send me the draft she worked on for the Melody film. Merciless she cut things out and made some great changes. Now it’s my job to make it mine again. And because the filmfund has deadlines that one goes first.
All together it was a lot for 10 days on a small Italian island in the sun.

I back and managed to finish the script, it got back a magical touch and I did a big part of the book. It was so quiet in the vineyard under the lemon tree. And so refreshing my daily lunch break: a swim in the sea from the beach where the shoot that scene about metaphors in the film Il Postino. Let’s see what the editors think about it!

And now I’m off to London to do some casting with my casting director for the MELODY film.