The decision of the filmfund

In this never ending story. After several phone calls

23 September 2002

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The cameraman

Our first tentative talk. Making my first feature is a time-consuming and weird process.

11 September 2002

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The appeal

My producer, Monique, on her way to the film fund. She went to the appeal at the filmfund this morning.

3 September 2002

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The ostrich training

Six month to prepare them. Today the ostrich training start. Although we don’t know if

2 September 2002

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A new producer

There comes a time that you have to hand over your baby; and that is right now.

10 August 2002

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Costume designer

What is so wonderful is the totally different energy of writing or directing. Writing is a terrible lonely job.

19 July 2002

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They keep the box closed. After weeks of working on other projects I have a meeting with a

11 July 2002

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Bad news.

You get used to it. We have another meeting with Vincent (the production designer) when a fax comes in, telling us

30 May 2002

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The art department.

Left overs from a diamond mine.

27 May 2002

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Production designers

Left overs from a diamond mine. (Photo made by N. Dreyer) I think my film, besides being a dramatical story,

14 May 2002

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