The appeal

My producer, Monique, on her way to the film fund. She went to the appeal at the filmfund this morning. It was a friendly meeting. She made sure that they understood our reasons for refusing their conclusion. They stipulated the fact that of course they back up their committee and need viable reasons to change the advice the committee gave.

They were very interested in the stage in which the project is now. She told them that there is a lot of interest in South Africa and the U.K. and that all of these parties are of course waiting to see the project being backed by the usual funders in Holland. She meaned them!! (The film fund.) Because it is hard to except for me that if so many people are interested my own country isn’t. I’m new in this world but it seems to me that everything in Holland is grouped around this fund. If they say no, we have a serious problem. But I hope my guardian angels do their usual job…
The committee will have a meeting on the 18th of this month, we’ll see and keep our fingers crossed.