The ostrich training

Six month to prepare them. Today the ostrich training start. Although we don’t know if we will manage to start shooting in March we have to take the risk. The trainers need six months to get the ostriches in the right condition. Today they will pluck them and put an anti louse power on their skins. For the film we need a beautiful full-grown male and female ostrich.

Ostriches are very stupid; they forget as fast they learn. They are wild animals that easily get nervous and attack. We asked the trainers to prepare them for a film set. Which means a lot of people and stuff around. They must be as tame as possible. The birds must stand quietly near people while they move and act. Preferably with their heads up just looking around. Above that they must not be afraid of little kids. As an extra skill the male bird has to get used to put his head and neck through a narrow opening and learn to run through a small opening. The female must peck with her beck against glass. As violent as possible. And on top of this the male bird must learn to accept a person to ride on his back – but that’s something many ostriches can do.
Top photo made by Natasja Moekasan