Meeting the master

Being a writer and a director and not working for a studio means

26 September 2004

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Digging in my past

Last week when everybody was reading the manuscript I made

1 August 2004

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Deadline and action

It is very silent on my weblog but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. A LOT is

28 May 2004

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16 novels and a documentary

While I’m closing myself off to work on my Bollywood script I got a nice surprise. Scheltema (a huge bookstore in Amsterdam) presented today a list with the best 16 novels of 2003. And my book ‘De kus van de weduwe’ is one of them. One of the 3 Dutch books!!

10 December 2003

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The world is in my hands

My African film project, ‘The Bird Can’t Fly’, has again a delay. It is hard to except but I learned by now that making a film on this scale is a time consuming job.

16 October 2003

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Artistic man with money

After some lousy weeks, in which I was fighting a nasty microbe I got in India, I’m back on my feet. Immediately my producer and I had

15 October 2003

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An angel in my mailbox

Working on an international film script is like throwing yourself into a hell. As long as you’re alone with

6 October 2003

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Foreigner in my own city

It is a cultural shock being back after six weeks of Bombay. Not because Amsterdam (the city where I live) is perhaps cleaner or very differently organised. No it is the extreme patronizing attitude of the local authorities.

17 September 2003

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Waiting for several things

Last week my publisher wrote me that the ECI (Dutch book club) wanted 2000 copies of my book. But it was

7 September 2003

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The actor and the god

Life is full of coincidences. Last night I met an old friend of mine, Makrand Deshpende, who is an actor/writer/director here in Bombay. As you know

5 September 2003

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