The actor and the god

Life is full of coincidences. Last night I met an old friend of mine, Makrand Deshpende, who is an actor/writer/director here in Bombay. As you know you always have to be a bit careful with sharing new ideas among us creators… Anyhow, after a lot of talking about our work, we found out that both of us want the same actor for our films. And this actor is not just an ordinary actor…

(Ganesh icon in the house)
… this particular actor has got my treatment at the moment and I’m waiting for him to react, while I go on writing – which is not easy, for the city is plunged into the Ganesh Chaturthi, Bombay’s principal festival; were after a certain amount of days the Ganesh idols get ceremoniously dunked into the sea. The festivities (some of them held right next to my house) are accompanied by a lot of noise, produced by drums, fireworks and chanting. I constantly get shaken out of my concentration by explosions.