Waiting for several things

Last week my publisher wrote me that the ECI (Dutch book club) wanted 2000 copies of my book. But it was only yesterday, when I saw the totally new cover, that I realised they were making a special print of my book, in a series called “Writers of Today”. It’s great, and it really came as a surprise.
Besides that ‘Rights NL’ (the rights-trading arm of PCM) started selling the rights of my book abroad. So publishers all over the world seize the opportunity!

(Ticket agent)
I’m still in India, for one more week. My first draft is ready and on it’s way to my Dutch producer, so I have to wait for her feedback; the actor that I really want for my film is extremely busy and needs more time than I wish of course…

…and now my laptop broke down when I was working on the last scene… I was beside myself. Luckily some ‘golden’ Indian hands repaired it. All together… time for a short break; I bought a ticket and tomorrow I’ll fly to Orissa.