faroe islands 32

The research on the Faroe Islands ends today.

1 August 2010

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faroe islands 31

A day full of singing, dancing and drinking

30 July 2010

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faroe islands 30

Today is the 1st day of Ólavsøka

29 July 2010

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faroe islands 29

The thick fog stayed with us

27 July 2010

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faroe islands 28

I arrived at the most southerly point of the Faroe Islands, Akraberg. A remote cape, which juts out into the Atlantic.

25 July 2010

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faroe islands 27

I just missed the ferry to Suderoy

22 July 2010

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faroe islands 26

Normally the weather changes extremely rapidly

21 July 2010

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faroe islands 25

I went by boat to the remote and tiny island

20 July 2010

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faroe islands 24

The last night of the festival in Gøta, a feast that reminds me of

18 July 2010

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fog faroe.jpg

faroe islands 23

The Faroese people are descendents of the Vikings. This origin is still very noticeable.

17 July 2010

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