faroe islands 32

The research on the Faroe Islands ends today. This inspiring mini cosmos in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, with its overwhelming nature, will be the start of my new novel. But when I’ll begin to write is unsure, this depends on my other projects. I’ll need to create a time gap of at least half a year, preferably even longer.

This second part of my exploration here was mainly focussed on nature (plants, birds and weather) on one side and behaviour of people in summer (G-festival and Ólavsøka) on the other side. These ingredients will find a way to my new story.

The coming days I’m sailing back to the continent. All my notes, photo’s and reports go into a deepfreeze and won’t come out before I sit down and start.
I want to thank all the people who have helped me here the last weeks, especially Elin Brimheim Heinesen, Aksal Poulsen and Regin Debess, who showed me aspects of their country that I could have never seen without them.

And for the real fans, some more chairs from the Faroe Islands.