faroe islands 29

The thick fog stayed with us. For days we lived in a surreal and mysteries world. Not only the view is gone but also all sounds and smells are changed. Aksal, the bird expert, seems to have no problem with this lack of sight. He takes me on a long walk; we are going to try to find the baby of a great skua.

The mother and the father bird are furious. Time after time they dive to us and skim just over our heads. One time they even hit Aksal with their wings, but he doesn’t mind. He understands the birds and talks with them. We know we are very close but we don’t find the little bird, he is hidden too well.

Wool and sheep are another reason why I’m here. Almost everybody on the Faroe Islands has sheep. They keep them for the meat and slaughter the animals themselves in autumn. Now is the time for cutting the wool. I’m taking a lot of it home.

Back on the ferry, the boat is full of excited people on their way to Tórshavn. Tomorrow is Ólavsøka, the national feast. That will be the last part of my research on the Faroe Islands.