faroe islands 26

Normally the weather changes extremely rapidly on the Faroe Islands. Four different sorts of weather on the same day are normal. But today the summer has arrived on Mykines and it’s sunny the whole day!

The people on the island postpone their yearly bird catching because there are too many bird-lovers (coming for a day) that have to been taken care of.

I’m walking to the most eastern point of the island, about 560 meters high, and make photos of all kinds of plants that grow there. This is one of other reasons why I’m here. Till a vicious bird begins to attack me. It’s the great skua, who’s protecting her nest. When I try to flee, I almost stumble over the baby bird!

I’m leaving this island, again I was guest of a fantastic family. Tomorrow I go to the island of Suderoy and have no idea when I’ll have access to internet again for my next blog.