Both my novel and the film are reaching their end. Every morning I rework sentences and rethink lines. It’s a very different process from the actual writing. It’s more like polishing and carefully cleaning to make the book stronger and more beautiful.
The afternoons are for the sound of the film. In Los Angeles the composers are reworking parts of the music. Peter and Wart, the sound-designers (photo), are rebuilding the sound. They always told me that a film is told 3 times; the writing, the shooting and the editing. But I think it is 4 times, because during the sound editing you have to re-tell the story and strengthen the weak points, emphasize spheres and guide emotions. Sound is so crucial.
Moreover, there are of course the usual problems. Last week I heard that 2 important shots can’t be used because of technical reasons. This means that the film-editor and I have to go back and rethink the edit and try to solve this. It is getting time for a new project!