making a scene

Adri’s twentysixth question: Aubrey Pasha explains what the function of a VT operator is and how this shoot has been for him thus far…

“The function of a VT operator is to record each take of a scene in each of its different frames, and store it for future reference should they need to review it at a later stage. I’ve found this movie particularly interesting, to working with kids, ostriches and in the dunes for such a long period of time. It is a nice change from doing normal drama’s or action movies. These kids are unpredictable because they’ve never acted on a professional level and so the birds. They can not be tamed; they have to be manipulated by animal trainers and food. Then there is the sand, hills and hills of sand all around us, and I’ve worked in sandy conditions before, in Namibia, but this is a lot more difficult. The crew on this job, however, makes each day a breeze. They are all very nice, very committed and the team work is great. It’s been a fantastic experience.”

(Picture: Aubrey Pasha, VT Operator)