the drive

Adri’s twentyfifth question: I asked Sybil how she finds chaperoning on a low budget film.

“My husband Aubrey, and I provide a chaperone service for this film, and like all the crew, we came in at a lower than standard rate to accommodate the budget. Being used for more than our purpose is not an issue for us because we know production can not afford more crew. We’re here to do driving, but sometimes … Our vehicles are expensive to maintain and designed to carry people, not equipment. We will always lend an extra hand and more so because we like it here, low budget and all, but these vehicles are our income, and we have to take care of it. All jobs have ups and downs. On ‘The Bird’ specifically, more ups than downs. We came in on a low budget as a favour, and because we wanted to be a part of this movie. Also knowing that this is dream come true for someone (Threes) motivated us even more. As chaperones, we hear how the cast and crew talk amongst each other about the project, and the word has been very positive. For the cast to be on this kind of location is very exciting because it’s unusual, and it’s a challenge, for the crew as well. One can see in the morning how tired people are, but they’re here because they want to be. The entire experience is out of the ordinary. I think it feels like the first for everybody.”

(Picture: Sybil Simpson, Chaperone)