busy & healthy

The plane that left for Johannesburg after mine got hijacked. I had to fly there for an extra casting session because I couldn’t find all the actors I need in Cape Town. Moonyeenn, the best casting director of Jo’burg, is helping me. In a few days I’ll present the entire cast.

We also continue our hunt for the last unknown locations. We found some amazing roads and solved problems we had with other locations. In Holland Guido (the cameraman) is working on the shot list. In Los Angles a wigmaker is preparing Barbara’s wig and the composers are busy with the music. I’ll be happy when everybody has arrived in Cape Town. It’s time the team gets together.

The immigration office in South Africa decided to give me a three-year work visa for South Africa, because of my ‘exceptional skills’…! It was the combination of being a writer and a director that constantly produces that made them do this offer. What we didn’t know was that to get this visa I had to go to doctors and hospitals for several check ups. The conclusion is that I am totally healthy.