oil stain

I begin to understand that this film is under my skin. When somebody asks me a question, which they do all day long, I know the answer straightaway. But I also think… didn’t I write that clear enough? Now I realize that under every line I wrote is a mine full of information. Hundreds of photo’s I get to see. Photo’s of fridges, guitars, wallpaper… I just have to decide which is the right one.

The same goes for faces. I see so many new faces. During the casting and in the office. I have this feeling to be in the midst of a spreading oil stain. Every minute the circle gets bigger. All these different people joining this project. Amazing people. Top professionals and greenhorns. People who are always snacking and people who are in the Ramadan. People with big dreams and small dreams. People from all over the world. Young and old. Black and white. Boys and girls. The composers, who are on the other side of the world (Los Angeles), making the project even bigger, because they want to involve an amazing singer from Australia…

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author Anna, Threes