from scratch

This is what I always have been dreaming of. The machine is rolling. People are running, building, phoning, writing, thinking, drawing, creating, asking and organizing. With creak and crunches sometimes, for the network doesn’t work properly yet, or the office doesn’t have enough chairs, or whatever other reasons for a hick up. But it’s alive and the horrible period of waiting seems light years away.

Greg and his team are building the town.

[inline:Barn.jpg]The art director and set decorator are preparing how the houses have to be dressed and aged. Rachel and her team are setting up the production office. The producers are as always busy with money, accounts and contracts.

And I? I just answer a thousand questions, interview more key crew people and draw the story board. Drawing the shots is the best way for me to describe what I want to see.

From everybody that becomes part of the big new family I take a photo, which I stick on a board. This a photo of the board in the first week. Let’s see how big it will grow. Because you can say a lot about film but one thing is for sure – it is collective product.

And by post my new novel arrived!!!! It looks beautiful. If you life in Holland and like to buy ‘De stille stad’ with discount, print this page and cut out the next text, walk to a bookstore and buy my new book.
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