Green light

Champagne! Confetti! You name it. I want it all!!!! My heart beats like an idiot after all the stress of last week. All the world should wave a flag. Cheer and dance.

After all these years finding financiers, loosing them again, finding new ones, not giving up, keep on fighting, seducing, hoping… Today, sunday 17 september, all the money is in place, all the signatures are set. Today we got the final GO. The builders can start building tomorrow morning. Telephones will ring, meetings and auditions will be planned. The dejected looks of last weeks will change into big smiles. In front of my house the birds are singing. The trees are flowering. It is springtime in Cape Town.

But the most weird thing is that also tomorrow ‘De stille stad’ will come out. The day after tomorrow in all bookshops of Holland!