back in cape town

I managed to get 13 kilo’s of overweight into the airplane and now I’m here in my new apartment in Cape Town, just down Table Mountain. Here I’ll stay during the pre-production of my film. The planning for the shoot has been postponed a little, right now we all focus on starting on October 15th.

Just landed and immediately I went back into the casting process. Mickie (my assistant) has been doing some excellent preparation and we got a very good ‘catch’ this afternoon. Three possible little boys for the role of River. In total we’ve four kids but I have to wait before I can decide. I first need to know who’s going to play the role of his father. It has to be convincing – in the story River’s mother is white and his father is black.

And for the fans of the plastic chairs: here are some I found on this little island up north in Holland, Schiermonnikoog, where me and my love had a short holiday before I left for 3,5 month.