silence in the city

To go home while you just start a project is very strange. But I’m back in Holland, while on the other side of the world, in Cape Town my assistant Mickie goes on with the casting. Daily life in Amsterdam seems paralyzed because of the enduring heat and the holidays. I’m back to do some interviews for the next month launch of my new novel “The Silent City”. The corrected proof is back to the publisher and almost ready for printing.

I’m busy to write the final draft of my filmscript. The last couple of weeks, during all the meetings and talks I had in South Africa, and with the help of a script doctor, we pinpointed the weak spots in the script. (photo from possible storyboard)

All the different stories flutter through my head. One is ready to been shown to the world and one is ready to be realized. (photo from sketch of the constructor of the set)