Mouths produce words and minds try to understand them. Yesterday we had a meeting with all the producers of The Bird Can’t Fly, during the film-market in Rotterdam. One of them couldn’t come at the last moment cause of family affairs, so he joined us by telephone. They discussed the shares and partitions, talked about the new legal company we have to start, and spoke about sales agents and distribution. They got into all the businesses that are part of making a film.

I was dreaming away, contemplating my new idea of adapting my filmscript into a novel before I start working on the preproduction of the film. It will give me the opportunity to dive extremely deep into the characters and even give the whole film an extra layer. But it will also mean I have to go into the deep concentration of writing. Which is a totally different energy from the one I need for the preproduction of the film itself.

Because my other book is still into the editing phase and not really finished, I can’t open my mind fully yet for such a huge new project.