Just in time I finished the first version of my new novel. I had to, because I was asked to do a very challenging project – I had to write and direct a music-clip about Bombay. But all of a sudden I got a phone call; the Indian financiers came up with one condition: no foreigners on the project. On moments like that I hate to be a freelancer, always depending on unpredictable financiers.

Also the funding of my film is going into it’s last strive for money. For years now I’m trying to pull this project from the ground. My producers give it a last attempt. The Dutch Film Fund has the possibility for projects that are almost financed but just miss the last bit, like we do. Please keep your fingers crossed. So after a long summer of non-stop working I’ve, unexpectedly and unintendedly, a small break.

I passed by a special project of Marti Guixe involving garden chairs. Therefore some new ones for the fans.