ten fingers

Although writing is one of my daily doings I can’t properly type with ten fingers. So in between my different projects I force myself to type ‘jjff jjff fj fj fj’.

Yesterday I had a lunch here in Amsterdam with one of my South African producers, who was here for a board meeting for the Rotterdam Film Festival. He told me that we have now two possible sales-agents, and therefore two ways of finalising the financing; but this is far to complicated for me to explain. The most important thing for me is: will the actors that I dearly want for the main roles accept their new offer, which is lower than the old one. This depends again for a big part on their agents. And time passes by. So I accept short-time-jobs, like next week when I’m giving a ‘brainstorm inspiration day’ for the municipal officials of a small city in the east of Holland and advice two groups of talented young theatre-makers.

But most of my time this week I spend on making tiles, that all together will form the tiled wall in my house. I have to create my own works of art; if I don’t I die.