the antechamber

The producers bargain with agents and investors and I spent this compelled waiting time by realising an old dream: making a one-minute-film of Udo’s particular way of running: ‘The Man With the Hammer’. We had only one week to develop (write the story and draw the storyboard), prepare (make the props and find the locations), shoot and edit it. Right now Udo is working on the finishing touch.

The difference between being a director and a writer is the aureole. Since I’m also writing I appear in glossies and have photo sessions. What struck me is that they constantly want me on high heels on my motorbike. And it is terribly to pose for hours in the icy wind pretending it’s spring…

I’m off on my bike… in thick warm clothes, wearing normal motor-booths and carrying my laptop to write for a week in isolation, in preparation for novel three.