A change?

I am not exactly sure about the details yet but it seems a lot is happening around my film project The Bird Can’t Fly. Last Thursday we had a conference call and the day after all producers flew to Berlin, where, during the international film-festival, they’ll have all sorts of meetings. I don’t know why, but the atmosphere was different during this call. It all sounded a lot more positive than what I have heard for a long time now.

While the producers had their first meetings in Berlin, I was signing my novel Motormoeder at the Nationale Motorbeurs (National Motorcycle Fair) in Den Bosch. The majority of my fans existed of men, and many of them bought my new novel.

And, why not, a new garden chair for my collection. Found today at a special place in Rotterdam…

It has been an extreme busy month for me, so I’m off to the desert for two weeks. No email. No laptop. No people. Silence in paradise. Beautifully perfect at this moment for a woman like me.