A memorable day

My novel Motormoeder is now available on your mobile phone or

palm-pilot, when you have access to internet; nice for drivers who are stuck in the daily traffic-jam. Simply go to: mob.threesanna.com. And an entirely new website is launched. You can download my novels Motormoeder and De kus van de weduwe for free or read online. My active archive has a new ordering system and has become bilingual; not as most sites with two languages; here both languages are intermingled and connected to each other. This all is designed by the Drupal community, a group of some 150 nerds in attic rooms all over the world who develop Drupal software, an opensource Content Management System. They belong to the top-ten of CMS-communities in the world. This community was interested in this site because it is the first Drupal site that wants to go really bilingual. Although it is scarcely out of the egg, I present it to you.
From now on my weblogs are automaticly stored in the projects they belong to. So you can for example read the whole development of my film-project from day one up till today.

There is also a guestbook for all your reactions and comments.

Meanwhile in Rotterdam on the international filmmarket my South African producers and I had some good meetings with new possible financiers.