Talking serious business

Sjanti Mahabier made the new photo portrait for the back cover of my second novel Motormoeder. Besides being a professional photographer she is a debut novelist as well. So we did a double session. She did my picture and I did hers.

This is Joel, on of my South African producers. While I’m in the midst of the preparations for the promotion of Motormoeder other business needs my attention. For two years by now the Dutch producer can’t manage to close the budget.

This is the other South African producer, Tendeka. Therefore we had to make some serious decisions for The Bird Can’t Fly. While each of us is in another part of the world we discuss the financing problem.

This is the Dutch producer, Anton. As usual the numbers, names and figures whizz past my ears. I get more and more frustrated. I believe in this project with all my heart but I’m not gonna wait till I’m hundred.

And this is the Irish producer Tom. The only alternative seems to be to change it into a low budget project. That means that we all have to make sacrifices, primarily about our future incomes. I’m working on this project for six years without getting paid, so for me it is not a big change but what does it mean for the cast and the crew? Will they accept this…?