Trying to make a transition

With my mind still in Tokyo, I know I have to start concentrating on my other big dream; The Bird Can’t Fly. To make a transition from the research for a new novel toward directing my film I followed a seminar of David Russell, one of the film industry’s top illustrators.

David Russell corrects one of our storyboards. He has created storyboards and illustrations for 29 films, including Return of the Jedi, Batman, Tombstone, The Thin Red Line and Moulin Rouge.

Storyboard of Moulin Rouge. Because the budget for my film won’t include a storyboard artist I decided to do it myself. At least some of the important scenes. The last three days I listened, draw and filled a notebook full with reminders and tips. Ready to start drawing…
But when I arrived home the hard copy of the last version of my novel Motormoeder laid on the table and has to be checked before it goes to the printer. Sometimes it’s not easy to have two big passions.